Viitahalme Sven

Passenger record 16.1.1907 (Sven Wiitahalme)

From Hanko on Polaris, age 31 year.

Plans to continue 25.1.1907 on Empress of Ireland, CPR Line. Destination Copper Cliff ON Canada

Border crossings from Canada (Sven Wiitahalme)

Sails on Empress of Britain and arrives in Canada 1.2.1907. Enters Michigan on a ferry from Canada 19.4.1907. Going to brother Abram Hiitti in Newberry MI

Personal information: Sven Wiitahalme, 32 years, married laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Has paid his own ticket and has 18 dollars. Not in the US before. Sven is 5ft 8.25 inches, has dark skin, brown hair and eyes.

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