Luisenniemi Arvid Juhanpoika

Parkano church records

b. 27.6.1891 Parkano Kuivasjärvi d. 28.3.1955 Monessen PA

Parents: Juha Kustaanpoika Luisenniemi b. 5.7.1843 Parkano and Iida Sofia Matintytär Kiviniemi b. 27.11.1848 Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 12.5.1910

New York passenger lists (Arvid Luisinniemi)

Sails from Liverpool on Baltic 28.5.1910 and arrives in New York 5.6.1910. Going to friend Maria Wuorinen, 401 Red Av, Monessen PA

Personal information: Arvid Luisinniemi, 19 years, single laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Has paid his own ticket and now has 20? dollars. Not in the US before. Arvid is 5ft 6 inches, has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Born in Parkano

Passenger record 28.10.1925 (Arvid Luiseniemi)

From Hanko on Astraea, age 34 years

Plans to continue 4.11.1925 on Majestic, White Star Line. Destination New York NY

New York passenger lists (Arvid Luisenniemi)

Sails from Southampton on Majestic 4.11.1925 and arrives in New York 11.11.1925. Going home to Monessen PA, contact person Mrs Maria Piisila, 100 Motheral Ave Monessen PA. Travelling with wife Lempi Katariina 31 y, born in Lapua and son Leo Arvid, 6y, born in Monessen

Personal information: Arvid Luisenniemi, 34 years, married fireman from Finland. Able to read and write Finnish. Last permanent residence Monessen PA. Has lived in Monessen 1910-25. Nearest relative in Finland brother Juho Luisenniemi, Parkano Kuivaskylä. Arvid is 5ft 11 inches, has fair skin, other identifying marks difficult to read. Born in Parkano.

Luisenniemi aka Kulmala Johannes Mikonpoika (Michelsson)

Parkano church records

b.24.5.1864 Parkano

Parents: Tenant farmer Mikko Yrjänänpoika Halmela, Syrjänen b. 30.9.1843 and Serafia Matintytär b. 8.2.1843 d. 9.11.1885 Parkano

Wife: Mathilda Juhantytär Luisenniemi b.29.11.1872 Parkano. Johannes is a son-in-law in Luisenniemi farm

Seems to return to Finland because is recorded as taking communion May 1900.

Passport record 10.7.1896 to America (Johannes Michelsson Luisenniemi)

Occupation in Finland: Farmer´s son-in-law, married

No passenger record from Finland found

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