Raiskio Nestori Anselmi Mikonpoika

Parkano church records

b. 29.9.1889 Parkano

Parents: Tenant farmer Mikko Kaarlenpoika Raiskio b. 27.9.1860 Parkano and Maria Hesekielintytär b. 5.1.1858 Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 26.4.1909

Passenger record 12.5.1909 (Nestor Raiskio)

From Hanko on Titania, age 19 years

Plans to continue 20.5.1909 on Corsican, Allan Line. Destination Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada

Canadian census 1911

Nestor Raiskio, 22 years. Miner, living in Ontario, Nipissing, Sub-district 44, Cobalt, 6 Earl Street. Boarder. Born July 1888. Immigration year 1909.

Border crossings from Canada and Michigan passenger and crew lists 11th June 1912

Nestor Raiskio, 22 years. Single laborer from Finland. Nearest relative in Finland father Mikko Raiskio, Parkano. Last permanent address 42 Mile, ARC, Ont. Going to Sault Ste Marie ON. Has paid his own ticket and now has 50 dollars. Not in the US before. Height 5ft 5.5 inch, skin medium, hair brown?, eyes blue. Born in Parkano. Entered Canada 26.5.1909 on Corsican in Quebec

WWI Draft registration cards 5.6.1917

Nestor Raiskio, 27 years. Residence Aurora, St Louis co, MN. Born 20.9.1890 in Parkano. Citizen of Russia. Working as a miner in Oliver Iron Mining co, Aurora MN. Married, supporting his wife. According to the draft regitration card ´does not believe in the principles? of this war´. Nestor is of medium height, stout, has blue eyes, brown hair, is not bald. Suffering from rheumatism.

US Census 1920

Nestor Raiskio, 30 years. Living in Minnesota, Big Stone county, Clinton in his own farm. Immigration 1909, naturalized 1919. Born in Finland, parents Finnish. Occupation farmer. Members of the family: Wife Anna, 25 years, daughter Alma 2 years.

US Census 1930

Nestor Raiskio, 40 years. Living in Minnesota, Big Stone county, Clinton in his own farm. Immigration 1909, alien. Married when 27 years old. Able to read and write, speaks English. Members of the family: Wife Anna S, 36 years. Daughter Alma W 12 years and son Edwin A 8 years. Both children born in Minnesota, Anna in Finland.

Information from relatives in Finland

Nestor has moved to Russia in the 1930´s, lived in Petroskoi and worked in a ski factory. Nothing is known of him after that. Any information of his life in Russia is welcome!

Raiskio Vilho Viljami Siinanpoika

Parkano church records

b. 14.9.1899 Jämijärvi d. 1970 Canada

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to Canada Aug 1927.

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