Tokkola (Lautamäki) Aili Aliina

Ikaalinen and Parkano church records

b. 12.9.1908 Ikaalinen, Vahojärvi village, Lautamäki farm Parents: Taavetti Vihtori Taavetinpoika Lautamäki b. 24.11.1864 and Amalia Kustaantytär Hyhkyri b. 7.4.1868. Married 21.10.1890

Passenger record 15.2.1947 (Aili Tokkola)

Sails from Southampton on ship America 15.2.1947, destination New York. Travelling with Arvi and Sonja Tokkola

Passenger record 22.11.1952 (Aili Tokkola)

Sails from Southampton on ship United States 22.11.1952, destination New York. Travelling with Arvi Tokkola.

Obituary in Helsingin Sanomat 20.4.2008 (translated from Finnish)

Mrs Aili Tokkola died 28th Jan 2008 in Lake Worth, Florida. She was 100 years old, born 12th September 1908 in Parkano.Aili Tokkola emigrated with his brother from Finland to Canada 1923.In Toronto she met a young Finnish man and they got married. During the 1920s depression the couple returned to Finland for a while.Tokkola has told that she did not like living in Finlnd because she was not suitable for milking cows and working in a farm. That is why they moved back from Finland to Canada and from there to New York USA:During her life Aili Tokkola worked as a nanny and a cook for example Margaret and David Rockefeller. During the war and after that Tokkola and her husband were very active in collecting material and financial support to Finland, devastated by war.After retiring, Aili Tokkola and her husband moved to Florida. They guaranteed a loan of half a milloin dollars that enabled building rest home for 250 inhabitants, including a nursing home for 80 patients.Tokkola´s decision to back up the loan was remembered in her 100th birthday in Suomi House last autumn. In the birthday party Tokkola insisted Suomi House serve wine for dinner and brandy and liquers with coffee. She thanked the party guests by playing harmonica.Aili Tokkola is remembered as a glad person with a good sense of humour.(Rainer Piirainen, friend of Aili Tokkola)  

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