Roos Kalle Eetu (Karl or Kaarle Edvard) Heikinpoika

Parkano church records

b. 1.9.1869 Orivesi Moved to Parkano from Orivesi with wife and three daughters 7.2.1899 and lived as a cottager in Nerkoo village Wife: Selma Iisakintytär b 23.4.1874 Parkano Children: Lempi Maria b. 9.12.1895 Orivesi d. as a child, Selma Eufrosyne b. 11.5.1897 Orivesi d. 12.10.1904 Parkano, Helmi ILona b. 6.7.1899 Parkano d. 17.7.1907 Parkano, Tyyne Matilda b. 17.7.1902, Anni Maria b. 18.4.1905 Parkano d. 18.7.1907 Parkano and Aino b. 2.11.1908 Parkano Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 6.11.1909

Passenger record 19.11.1902 (Kalle Roos)

Sails from Hanko on Polaris, age 30 years. Plans to continue 26.11.1902 on Teutonic, White Star Line. Destination Beaumont TX

New York passenger lists 5.12.1902 (Kalle Roos)

Sails from Liverpool on Teutonic 26.11.1902 and arrives in New York 5.12.1902. Going to brother-in-law Fred? Roos, Box 220, Beaumont TX

Personal information: Kalle Roos, 30 years, married laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Has paid his own ticket and has 12 dollars. Never in the US before

Passport record 9.6.1906 (Karl Edvard Ruusi)

Karl Edvard Ruusi, b. 1869, single lodger from Parkano. Passport to the US for 5 years

Passenger record 13.6.1906 (Kaarlo Edvard Ruusi)

Sails from Hanko on Arcturus, age 32 yearsPlans to continue 22.6.1906 on Arabic, White Star Line. Destination Fitchburg MA

Passenger record 13.11.1909 (Kaarle Edvard Roos)

Sails from Hanko on Astraea, age 40 years. Plans to continue 19.11.1909 on Empress of Britain, C.P.R. Line. Destination Duluth MN

Canadian passenger lists (Karl Roos)

SAils from Liverpool on Empress of Britain and arrives in Saint John NB 26.11.1909. Able to read and write. Married, age 40 years. Going to Duluth MN

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