Koivunen Frans Viktor Samuelinpoika

Parkano church records

b.3.10.1896 Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 27.3.1914

Koivunen Katri aka Katriina Amalia Samuelintytär

Parkano church records

b. 25.11.1900 Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 18.7.1921

Passenger record 17.9.1921 (Katri Koivunen)

From Helsinkin on Astraea, age 20 years.

Plans to continue 30.9.1921 on Metagama, C.P.O.S. Line. Destination: Cook MN

Border crossings from Canada

Sails on Metagama and arrives in Quebec Oct 1921. Enters the US 12.10.1921 from Canada. Going to father Samuel Koivunen, Box 98, Cook MN

Personal information: Katri Koivunen, 20 years, single domestic from Parkano. Nearest relative in Finland mother Alina Koivunen, Parkano. Able to read and write. Katri is 5 ft 6 inches, has light skin and hair, blue eyes. Not in the US before

Koivunen Nestor

Passport record 1901 to America


Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer´s son, single

Passenger record 30.11.1901

From Hanko on Polaris, age 33 years

Plans to continue on Dominion Line

Destination: Sault Ste. Marie MI

Koivunen Samuel Aleksanterinpoika

Parkano church records

b. 16.10.1860 Parkano

Has lived in America since 1901

Wife died in Parkano 15.4.1939

Declared dead 11.10.1955, date of death 1.1.1953

Passport record 1901 to America


Occupation in Finland: Lodger, married

Wife and 3 children remain in Finland

Passenger record 26.1.1901

From Hanko on Arcturus, age 40 years

Plans to continue on Cunard Line

Destination: Worcester MA

Boston passenger lists (Samuel Koivunen)

Sails from Liverpool on Saxonia 5.2.1901 and arrives in Boston 12.2.1901. Going to friend Nestor Jaakola, 4 Milton Place, Worcester MA

Personal information: Samuel Koivunen, 40 years, married laborer from Hanko. Able to read and write. Has lived in Massachusetts for four years, 1889-93. Has paid his own ticket, now has 31 dollars

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