Marjolahti Anselmi Joosepinpoika (Anshelm Josefsson)

Parkano church records

b.22.8.1882 Parkano d. 6.4.1910 (in America?)

Parents: Jooseppi Joonanpoika (Josef Jonasson) Marjolahti b.18.3.1851 and Amalia Efraimintytär (Efraimsdotter) Alalammentausta b.18.2.1858 Parkano

Passport record 17.5.1902 to USA

Name recorded Marjalahti, b.1882

Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer´s son, single

Passenger record 3.6.1902

From Hanko on Virgo, age 20 years

Plans to continue on Cunard Line

Destination: Worcester MA

Marjolahti Eleatsar Joosepinpoika

Parkano church records

b.25.6.1877 Parkano

Parents: Jooseppi Joonanpoika Marjolahti b.18.3.1851 Parkano and Amalia Efraimintytär Ala-Lammentausta b.18.2.1858 Parkano. Married 6.5.1877 Parkano Wife: Sanna Juhantytär Siltala? b. 13.1.1882 Nurmo. Married 18.6.1903 in America Children: Eino Anselm b. 1902 in America, Sulo Ilmari b. 1903 in America, Aino Sofia b. 23.1.1906 in America d. 10.10.1906 in Parkano, Armas b. 1908 in Parkano The family returned to Parkano 1906 and lived in Lamminkoski village, Marjolahti farm

Boston passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Scythia 12.8.1897 and arrives in Boston 23.8. 1897. Going to uncle and aunt E.Alalammi. 5 Multon Str, Worcester MA

Personal information: Eleatzor Mangalahti, 30 years, single laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Has paid his own ticket and has 8 dollars

The surname is badly misspelled in the passenger list but I believe this to be the correct person. The relationship to E.Alalammi exists.The Efraim Alalammi (Alalammentausta) mentioned was born 4.1.1866 in Parkano and emigrated to Worcester MA 1892

Marjolahti Yrjö Joosepinpoika

Parkano church records

b. 1900 Parkano d. 1968 Toronto

Parents: Tenant farmer Jooseppi Joonanpoika Marjolahti b. 18,3,1851 and Amalia Efraimintytär Ala-Lammentausta b. 18.2.1858 Parkano. Married 6.5.1877 Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to Canada 28.4.1926
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