Häkkinen Antti Mikonpoika

Parkano church records

b.7.5.1841 Parkano

Parents: Michel and Hedvig Asumaniemi

Wife: Iida Justiina Mikontytär Salomäki b.21.9.1844 Parkano

Children: Anselm b.14.12.1871, Amalia b.22.9.1874, HIlda b.2.12.1877, Villehard b.23.1.1884 and Lydia b.20.4.1887. All children born in Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 24.3.189? (bad image, impossible to read). There is no record of him taking communion 1897-98 but is for 1891-1896 and 1899-1900

Häkkinen Willehard Antinpoika

Parkano church records

b.23.1.1884 Parkano

Parents: Tenant farmer Antti Mikonpoika Häkkinen b.7.5.1841 Parkano and Iida Justiina Mikontytär Salomäki b.21.9.1844 Parkano

Passport record 26.3.1903 to USA

Willehard Häkkinen, b.1884

Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer´s son, single

Passenger record 1.4.1903

From Hanko on Arcturus, age 19 years

Plans to continue 10.4.1903 on Cedric, White Star Line

Destination: Waukegan IL

New York passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Cedric 10.4.1903 and arrives in New York 20.4.1903. Going to cousin Anssu Mäki, Market Str 914, Waukegan IL.

Personal information: Villehard Häkkinen, 19 years, single laborer from Finland. Has not been in the US before.

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