Lundén aka Innala Arvi Kustaanpoika (Arvid Gustafsson)

Parkano church records

b.21.3.1870 Ikaalinen d. 13.10.1954 Ely MN

Parents: Kustaa Kaarlonpoika Luoma, Lundén b.5.8.1831 and Maria Markuksentytär b.26.8.1826 Ikaalinen

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 26.4.1893

Passport record 6.5.1893 abroad

Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer´s son

Passenger record 20.5.1893

From Hanko on Astraea, age 23 years

Plans to continue on Cunard Line

Destination: New York NY

US Census 1900

Ely Minnesota: Arvid Luntin, boarder, age 30 years. Born March 1870 in Finland, immigration 1893. Application for citizenship pending. Has lived in the US for 7 years. Occupation day laborer.

US Census 1910

Minnesota, Lake county, Fall Lake: Arvid Luntinne, 35 years. Married for 3 years, first marriage. Immigration 1893, naturalized. Speaks English. Lives in rented accommodation

Family members: Wife Lena 26 years. First marriage. Born in Finland, immigration 1905. Son Emil 1year 3months

US Census 1920

Minnesota, Lake county, Fall Lake: Arvid Lunden, 49 years. Married for the first time. Owns his house. Immigration 1893, applied for citizenship 1905. Occupation: fireman(?) in iron mine

Family members: Wife Lina 37 years, born in Finland. Immigration 1893(?). First marriage. Son Emil 10 years, son William 8 years, son Hjalmar 5 years, daughter Hilma O 4 years 1 month. All children born in Minnesota

US Census 1930

Minnesota, Lake county, Fall Lake: Arvid Lunden, 59 years. Married, age at first marriage 46 years. Owns his house, value 500 dollars. Able to read and write. Immigration 1896, naturalized citizen. Employed as janitor in school house

Family members: Wife Karoliina 48 years, age at first marriage 25 years. Born in Finland, immigrated 1905. Son William 18 years, employed as a miner in iron mine. son Hjalmar 16 years, daughter Hilma 14 years, son Archie 7 years, daughters Edith and Karolina 4 years. All children born in Minnesota

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