Saksa (Västilä) Aleksandra (Sandra*) Mikontytär

Parkano church records

b. 14.11.1869 Parkano

Parents: Tenant farmer Mikko Mikonpoika Ilomäki, Västilä b. 16.10.1841 d. 6.10.1883 and Maria Sofia Iisakintytär Västilä b. 20.6.1844 Parkano

Husband: Nikodemus Aleksanterinpoika Saksa b. 7.5.1866 Parkano

Children: See Nikodemus Saksa

Declared dead 21.9.1977, date of death 1.1.1977

US Census 1920

Alexandra Saksa, wife, at home, 50 years. Living with family in Worcester MA. Emigrated 1898, alien. Able to read but not write. Speaks English

US Census 1930

Alexandra Saksa, wife at home, 59 years. Living with husband in Thompson, Windham CO. Married at 22 years. Able to read and write. Emigrated 1899, alien

Saksa Andrew Herbert aka Anselm Herbert Nikodemuksenpoika

Parkano church records

Parents: Nikodemus Aleksanterinpoika Saksa b. 7.5.1866 Parkano and Aleksandra Mikontytär Västilä b. 14.11.1869 Parkano

Andrew is probably the same person as Anselm Herbert b.17.3.1893 in Parkano to these parents

WWI Draft registration cards 5.6.1917

Andrew Herbert Saksa, b.16.3.1893 in Parkano. Residence 6 Sigourney Str, Worcester MA. Citizen of Russia, race: Mongolian. Single. Occupation teamster, employer Thomas Farrell, 229 Grove Str, Worcester. Andrew is tall, of medium build, has light blue eyes and dark brown hair.

US Census 1920

Andrew Saksa, 26 years. Living with parents in Worcester MA. Immigration 1898, naturalized 1919. Able to read and write, speaks English. Occupation difficult to read, employed

US Census 1930

Andrew Saksa, 37 years. Living with family in 11 1/2 Powers Ct, Worcester MA. Able to read and write, speaks English. Married when 34 years old. Born in Finland, immigration 1897, naturalized citizen. Occupation: butcher in cafeteria. Employed, a war veteran

Family members: Wife Jeannie 28 years ( born in Connecticut of Italian parents), daughters Julia 3 years and Mary 1 year born in Massachusetts

WWII Draft Cards 27.4.1942

Andrew Herbert Saksa, b. 16.3.1893 Parkano. Residence 29 North Street, Worcester MA. Age 49 years. Nearest relative Mrs Jennie Saksa. Andrew is unemployed. He is 5ft 7,5 inches, weighs 200 pounds, has light skin, blue eyes, is bald. Right leg amputated below knee.

Saksa aka Mäkelä Lempi Maria Juliuksentytär

Parkano church records

b. 6.9.1884 Parkano d. 23.3.1948 USA

Parents: Tenant farmer Julius Juhanpoika Mäkelä b. 13.11.1858 Parkano and Matilda Aleksanterintytär Saksa b. 14.10.1860 Parkano

Note: Julius came to Saksa tenant farm as a son-in-law. The family moved to Mäkelä tenant farm 1887. Why Lempi used her mother´s maiden name as a surname, I do not know

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 7.2.1903.

Husband Tiitus Harjuniemi from Ikaalinen.

Passport record 13.2.1903 to USA (Lempi Maria Saksa)


Occupation in Finland: Servant, single

Passenger record 11.3.1903 (Lempi Saksa)

From Hanko on Polaris, age: adult

Plans to continue 17.3.1903 on Ultonia, Cunard Line

Destination: Worcester MA

Boston passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Saxonia 24.3.1903 and arrives in Boston 3.4.1903. Going to uncle Nikodemus Saksa, Grover Str no 229, Worcester MA

Personal information: Lempi Saksa, 19 years. single servant from Hanko, Finland. Able to read and write. Uncle has paid the ticket, Lempi has 8 dollars. Not in the US before

Saksa Nikodemus Aleksanterinpoika

Parkano church records

b. 7.5.1866 Parkano

Parents: Aleksanteri Matinpoika Saksa b. 12.9.1832 Honkajoki and Loviisa Jaakontytär b. 26.1.1834 Parkano

Wife: Aleksandra Mikontytär Västilä b. 14.11.1869 Parkano. Married 28.12.1891

Children: Anselm Herbert b. 17.3.1893 Parkano

Declared dead 3.9.1958. Date of death 31.12.1957

Boston passenger lists

Living in Grover Str no 229, Worcester MA Apr 1903 when his niece Lempi Saksa travels to him

US census 1920

Nicodemus Saksa, 53 years. Renting a house in Sigourney? Str, Worcester MA. Immigration 1893, citizenship pending. Able to read, write and speak English. Occupation: Cooper in factory

Family members: Wife Alexandra 50y, son Andrew 26y, son Armas 18y, daughter Hulda 13 years. Andrew born in Finland, Armas and Hulda in Massachusetts

US census 1930

Nicodemus Saksa, 63 years, living with wife in Thompson, Windham co, Connecticut. Owns his farm, worth 2500 dollars, general farming. Married since 26 years old. Able to read and write, speaks English. Immigration 1893, citizenship pending. The family has three boarders, Neal, Andrew and Antonio Aho, all children.

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