Heikkunen Emil Arvid Juliuksenpoika

Parkano church records

b. 20.11.1890 d.1950 Portland

Parents: Lodger Julius Iisakinpoika Heikkunen b. 2.2.1860 Parkano d. 5.11.1899 Parkano and Severiina Kaarlentytär Rantala b. 22.10.1865 Ikaalinen

Border crossings from Canada (Emil Heikkunen)

Sails from Liverpool on Corsican 21.1.1900 and arrives in Halifax and St.John 29.1.1900. Travelling with Nikodemus Kortesoja from Parkano. Going to friend Selmi Ojala, 321 10th Str Cloquet MN

Personal information: Emil Heikkunen, 19 years, married laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Nearest relative in Finland mother S(?) Heikkunen, Parkano. Emil has paid his own ticket and now has 25 dollars. He has not been in the US before. Emil is 5ft 6 inches, has light skin, brown hair and blue eyes. He was born in Parkano

US Census 1910 (Emil Heikkunen)

Emil Heikkunen, 20 years. Single, alien. Able to read and write. Occupation common labor in saw mill. Lives as a roomer in the house of Anselm Ojala in 10st Str, Cloquet MN. There are several other Finnish men boarding there, including Emil´s travel companion Nikodemus Kortesoja

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