Alajoki Anshelm

Passenger record 16.1.1907 (Anshelm Alajoki)

From Hanko on Polaris, age 21 years

Plans to continue 25.1.1907 on Empress of Ireland, C.P.R. Line. Destination Copper Cliff ON Canada. Note: Tampere!

Border crossings from Canada (Anshelm Alajoki)

Sails on Empress of Britain and arrives in Canada 1.2.1907. Crosses the border to Michigan on a ferry 19.4.1907. Going to brother Kalle Alajoki, Newberry MI

Personal information: Anshelm Alajoki, 20 years, single laborer from Parkano. Able to read and write. Father has paid the ticket, Anshelm has 40 dollars. Not in the US before. Anshelm is 6ft 1.5 inches, has medium complexion, brown hair and blue eyes.

Note: There is one Anshelm Alajoki b.18.7.1886 in Parkano but he does not have a brother called Kalle.

Alajoki Isak Viktor Juhonpoika (Isak Viktor Johansson)

Parkano church records

b.19.8.1873 Parkano (Name in book of births is Wiktor. Isak appears from somewhere much later on)

Parents: Tenant farmer Juha Juhannpoika Kujala, Yli-Kujala b. 17.12.1821 Parkano and Iida Sofia Aabrahamintytär b. 20.2.1832 Parkano

Wife: Emilia Juhantytär b.17.5.1873 Parkano

Children: Laimi Maria b.28.12.1899 Parkano and Lauri Johannes b.21.9.1900 Parkano

Note: Iisak Viktor´s sister Maria´s husband Nikodemus Yrttimaa emigrated 1902 to Waukegan MI and Maria´s eldest daughter Aleksandra Maria Rantaviita emigrated 1903.

Passport record 22.12.1904 to USA

Isak Viktor Juhonp. Alajoki, b.1873 Parkano

Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer

Passenger record 11.1.1905

From Hanko on Polaris

Plans to continues 18.1.1905 on Ivernia, Cunard Line

Destination Fitchburg MA

Boston passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Ivernia 18.1.1905 and arrives in Boston. Going to friend Y.Lehtimäki, 24 Norwood Str, Fitchburg MA. Travelling with Viktor Rintala.

Personal information: Married laborer from Alajoki, age 32 years. Has not been to the US before

Alajoki Juha Viktor Juhanpoika

Parkano church records

b. 15.9.1869 Parkano

Parents: Farmer Juha Juhanpoika Alajoki b. 31.1.1831 Jämijärvi d. 16.4.1889 Parkano and Severiina Hiskiaantytär b.12.1.1837

Juha was the son of Alajoki farm´s widowed daughter-in-law and her new husband. He worked as a farm worker in his home farm before emigrating.

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 21.3.1893.

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 1902?

Declared dead 21.9.1977, date of death 1.1.1977

Alajoki Linne Sylvia Nestorintytär

Parkano church records

b. 1903 Parkano

Parents: Farmer Nestori Joakiminpoika Alajoki b. 29.6.1864 Parkano and Eliina Kaarlentytär b. 13.1.1865 Parkano

Pastor´s certficate for a passport to America 1929

Has returned to Finland 1931?

Passenger record 16.10.1929 (Alajoki Linnea)

From Helsinki on Arcturus, age 26 years

Plans to continue from Southampton 26.10.1929 on Aurania, Cunard Line. Destination Sault Ste. Marie ON

Alajoki Nestori Joakiminpoika

Parkano church records

b.29.6.1864 Parkano Sydänmaa village Takaviita farm

Parents: Joakim Tanelinpoika (Joakim Danielsson) Takaviita b. 10.3.1826 and Severina Hiskiaantytär b.12.1.1837

Farmer in Alajoki farm Sydänmaa village

Wife: Eliina Kaarlentytär b.13.1.1865

Children: Anselmi b.18.7.1886, Otto b.11.10.1887, Emilia b.28.8.1890 d.23.3.1892, Lempi Maria b.20.9.1892, Aino b.25.12.1897, Seenia b.21.8.1899 and ? Wiliam b.23.5.1901, Linne Sylvia b. 1903

Pastor´s certificate for passport to America issued 7.3.1893.

Has returned to Finland 1897 or earlier

Alajoki Otto Nestorinpoika

Parkano church records

b. 11.10.1887 Parkano

Parents: Farmer Nestori Joakiminpoika Alajoki b. 29.6.1864 Parkano and Elina Kaarlentytär b. 13.1.1865v Parkano

Pastor´s certificate for a passport to America 21.1.1911

Passenger record 1.2.1911

Otto Alajoki, 22 yars, from Hanko on Titania.

Plans to continue 9.2.1911 on United States, Skand. American Line. Destination New York NY

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