Raivio Antti Abrahaminpoika (Anders Abrahamsson)

Parkano church records

b.19.8.1870 Parkano

Parents: Lodger Abraham Antinpoika Itäpää b.3.1.1839 Parkano and Kaisa Jaakobintytär b.11.8.1843 Parkano

Wife: Pauliina Joonantytär b.17.12.1872 Parkano. Married 26.12.1894

Children: Lempi Maria b.25.8.1895, Johan Armas b.7.3.1898 and Senia Aleksandra b.30.7.1900, all born in Parkano

Passport record 3.1.1903 to USA (Anders Abrahamsson Raivio)


Occupation in Finland: Tenant farmer, married. Wife and 4 children stay in Finland

Passenger record 14.1.1903 (Anders Raivio)

From Hanko on Polaris, age 32 years

Plans to continue 24.1.1903 on Saxonia, Cunard Line

Destination: Fitchburg MA

New York passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Saxonia 24.1.1903 and arrives in New York 4.2.1903. Going to friend Jacob Kajander, 24 Norwood Str, Fitchburg MA.

Personal information: Anders Raivio, 32 years, married laborer from Finland. Has not been in the US before. Can read but not write. Has 10 dollars.

Returns to Finland 1905 and emigrates again 1909:

Passenger record 20.1.1909 (Anders Raivio)

From Hanko on Titania, age 38 years.

Plans to continue 26.1.1909 on Ivernia, Cunard Line. Destination Fitchburg MA

Boston passenger lists

Sails from Liverpool on Ivernia 26.1.1909 and arrives in Boston 4.2.1909. Going to father Abraham Raivio, Norwood Str, Fitchburg MA

Personal information: Anders Raivio, 38 years, married laborer from Parkano. Can read and write. Nearest relative in Finland mother Kaisa Panttila, Kihniönkylä Parkano. Anders has paid his own ticket and has 10 dollars. He is 5ft 8.5 inch, has light skin, brown hair and blue eyes. Anders has lived in Fitchburg 1903-05.

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