Emigrants from other parishes I´m looking for

These are relatives of our family I would like to find

If you know something about them, please contact me!

The persons listed below are siblings. Their life in Finland is well documented and I do not need any help there. Some facts of their life in the US is still missing.

Parents of these siblings are Matti Erkinpoika (Matts Eriksson) Kitunen aka Pakka b.27.2.1835 Ylihärmä d.3.12.1910 Ylihärmä and Anna Maria Antintytär (Andersdotter) Pakka b.9.2.1842 Vöyri d.26.1.1893 Ylihärmä

The family lived in Pakka farm in the small village of Pakankylä. The farm belonged to Anna Maria´s family and Matti came to the farm as a son-in-law. The village was moved from Vöyri (Vörå) parish to Ylihärmä parish in the 1860´s.

Erkki Matinpoika (Erik Mattsson) Pakka aka Backa aka Syrjämäki

Personal information

b.5.7.1868 Vöyri Pakankylä village Pakka farm

Erkki married 25.3.1888 in Ylihärmä, wife Anna Amalia Jaakontytär (Jakobsdotter) Lillbacka b.23.6.1867 Oravainen d.28.9.1922 Ylihärmä. The family was known by the name Syrjämäki

Erkki and Amalia had four children:

Matias Oskari b.17.8.1889 Ylihärmä d.28.3.1892 Ylihärmä

Jaakko Eemil b.21.8.1891 Ylihärmä d.15.10.1967 Ylihärmä

Juha Eerikki b.5.12.1893 Ylihärmä d.23.5.1894 Ylihärmä

Kaarle August aka Aukusti b.17.2.1895 Ylihärmä d.5.4.1918 Ylihärmä. Aukusti emigrated 1915 but was not admitted to the US because of tuberculosis and had to return to Finland where he soon died. I have all the paperwork.


Erkki emigrated to America probably between the years 1894 and 1897. I have not found his passport record, passenger record from Finland or entry to the US or any other information of him in spite of years of research.

He has at some point lived near Hancock MI because a photograph he sent to Finland has the stamp of photographer F C Haefer in Hancock

Declared dead 1.4.1919 in Finland

Parish records tell that the actual date of death was 1.1.1929 somewhere in America (told by returning emigrants). All contact with him was lost long before. His wife divorced him 1913 and nothing was known of his whereabouts even then

Antti Matinpoika Pakka (Anders Mattsson)

Personal information

b.23.3.1862 Vöyri Pakankylä village Pakka farm

Antti married Sanna Kaisa Matintytär Storm b.6.6.1857 Kortesjärvi d.31.1.1828 Ylihärmä. They married 1.11.1891 in Ylihärmä

They had three children, all in Ylihärmä. Only one lived to adulthood.


Antti took a passport to America 2.4.1896, leaving his wife and children in Finland. I know nothing of his life after that but he might be in the photo mentioned above, in Hancock with brother Erkki.

Antti was declared dead 1.1.1924 in Finland

Maria Matintytär Pakka, Punkari

b.17.4.1874 Vöyri Pakankylä village Pakka farm

d.7.2.1901 Gloucester MA USA


Maria took a passport to America 28.5.1896 and travelled from Hanko on Urania 30.5.1896 together with her fiancée Tuomas Oskari Jaakonpoika (Thomas Oscar Jakobsson) Punkari b.5.3.1876 Ylistaro.

Life in Massachusetts

They married in Gloucester 21.7.1896 and settled in Lanesville MA. Tuomas was working in a quarry. They are found in the 1900 census using surname Bankrey, living in Lanesville, Morgan Avenue.

The couple had three children:

Matt Oscar b.Feb 1896 in Massachusetts d.3.6.1900 in Gloucester MA

Lempi Susanna b.Jan 1899 in MA, d.1.11.1899 in Gloucester

Annie Wilhelmina b.29.9.1900 in Lanesville d.14.3.1901 in Lanesville

Annie is buried together with her mother in Seaside Cemetery, Lanesville MA

I have all the paperwork of this family. The only thing I do not know is what happened to Tuomas. He might have returned to Finland

Vilhelmiina aka Minna Matintytär Pakka, Koivuaho

b.8.1.1881 Vöyri Pakankylä village, Pakka farm

d.25.11.1903 Pidgeon Cove, Rockport, MA

Minna took a passport to America 24.4.1899. She travelled from Hanko 29.4.1899 on Polaris, name recorded as Mina Pakka, 19 years. She was going to Rockport MA

Minna married 20.3.1901 in Gloucester, husband Hjalmar Oskar Kaarlenpoika Tiitto, Koivuaho b.3.3.1878 Haapajärvi d. 12.6.1940 Rockport MA. At the time of marriage Minna was working as a domestic and Hjalmar in the quarry.

They had two sons:

John Oscar b.3.12.1901 Rockport MA d.28.4.1917 Providence RI

Matthew Frederick b.9.3.1903 Rockport MA d.28.4.1917 Providence RI

I have the paperwork of this family, including emigration records, marriage certificate, birth and death certificates. I´m only adding this to tell you about the tragic death of these young boys (newspaper article)


Brothers, less than 16 years old, found dead in bed


Matthew and Johannes Kaivaho - Victims of Accident at Home on Friendship Street. Jet in Bedroom Left Partially Open When Youths Retire

Johannes and Matthew Kaivaho, aged 15 and 14, brothers, were killed by illuminating gas as they slept in a room at 181 Friendship street their deaths being detected early yesterday morning. Medical Examiner Griffin found that the deaths were caused by accident.
Johannes was employed at the Rhode Island Tool Company and had asked his brother Matthew to come here from Pigeon Cove, Mass., to visit him and to work through the summer. Matthew was unused to gas and it was considered probable by the police that he arose in the night, attempted to light the gas and, failing to do so, left it partially turned on.
Their bodies were found by William Powers and Mrs. Powers, with whom Johannes had been boarding. She awoke, smelled gas, and calling her husband, disclosed the tragedy.
Sergt. Wixon of the Fifth precinct learned that the father of the boys is confined in an insane hospital in Massachusetts and that their mother died 14 years ago. Johannes came here to work in September last and was serving his apprenticeship at the shops of the Rhode Island Tool Company. Friday night Matthew came to this city. Johannes met him at the train. He told the younger brother that his pay had been raised and he expected to help Matthew until he could get work.
Mr. and Mrs. Powers, while not related to the boys, took a great interest in them and said it was Matthew´s ambition to have his brother come to live with him. 

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